We are specialists in automotive electromechanical systems supplying our customer's innovative engineering, diagnostic and staffing solutions to realise electrical/mechanical innovation.

Treharne Automotive Engineering Ltd are currently being supported through SMART Cymru to design a Battery Management System using the expertise of the engineering competency of the business to create a BMS that works on second life batteries. Financial support is provided by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund Priority 1.

Treharne Automotive Engineering's success is founded on automotive diagnostics. This is our key specialism from which all other activities have evolved since being founded in 2008. Our initial work supported OEMs with PVE (Production Vehicle Evaluation) and warranty reduction on turbocharger and air path systems, which we continue to do to this day. We have since grown to establish several divisions that support customers in many automotive sectors. Each division support a wide range of work streams. Many of our projects are specific to the investigation of warranty concerns and the development of processes, software or objective tooling that OEMs integrate into their service platforms. Recent industry trends have led to an expansion of our expertise in the EV (Electric Vehicle) sector, providing OEMs guidance on system performance, reliability, diagnostics and providing market leading tooling for in field service and repair of full battery packs and modules.

A large proportion of our warranty projects have resulted in the development of bespoke tooling and software which our core design and development teams support. Our key focus is always the pursuit of non-intrusive diagnostics but above all objective capability. Ranging from vibration sensors, inline electronics evaluation and data logging to breakout systems and harnessing. We can facilitate the in house development of products and systems from initial conceptualisation through development and even into product manufacture and distribution. We are a complete Turn-Key supplier that can support your ideas throughout the development cycle.

Automotive Electronics

We specialise in electronics appertaining to the automotive industry, designing and manufacturing electronics and control systems for both the engineering and manufacturing sectors of the industry.

Software Development, test & validation

Embedded and PC Software development for on vehicle or off vehicle applications as well as real time embedded systems. We conform to the relevant coding standards depending on application and where required follow state of the art functional safety development protocols. All Software and Firmware is developed in house by our team of developers.

Product Design

Our product design and development service incorporates the complete product development cycle, from initial consultation through to distribution of a realised product. We have a dedicated design team whose diverse range of skills enable us to support the design of many items, from vehicle components through to consumer diagnostic products.

Electrical Hardware

Treharne Automotive Engineering provide bespoke electrics and wiring solutions for almost any application, from automotive diagnostic and live data gathering tools to module re-programming equipment and many more. We develop electrical and electronic hardware from prototype through to production.

Production Vehicle Evaluation (PVE)

Treharne Automotive Engineering has supported OEMs with certification for over ten years. Our experience in engineering sign off, certification and conformity means that our team of engineers can deliver all aspects of validation and durability testing quickly and reliably. Our testing programs cover the latest driving cycles and can also accommodate exceptional climate conditions and low volatility fuels.

OBD Certification in accordance with:
1. California ARB 1968.2 and 1971.1
- Monitoring System Demonstration Tests
- Production Vehicle Evaluation (PVE)
- OBD conformance test according to SAE J1699

2. EPA Titel 40 CFR 86
3. Europe Euro 5 / Euro 6
4. UNECE R83 and R49
5. China GB18352
6. Australia ADR 79
7. Japan J-OBDII

Systems Integration & Development

We often receive requests to support the development of systems or the integration of existing technology into alternative platforms. An example is the electrification of a previously ICE powered marine outboard. Our Powertrain and EV systems teams worked closely on this project to develop the initial prototype. Our expertise in automotive propulsion systems enables us to support a diverse range of engineering problems, we're not biased to road vehicles!

Warranty Investigation & Reduction

TAE has been helping OEMs and Tier One suppliers improve their warranty spent by providing hardware and software solutions released in the field and implemented as part of their returns process. Over the years this has helped both OEMs and Tier One suppliers to significantly improve their product quality as well as develop important knowledge of their part or system. Often the solution provided simulates the vehicle operation whilst the part is objectively controlled remotely. This allows service and engineering teams to investigate issues in a closed loop process using consistent tools and methods. Efficient and consistent collation of component performance data is key to robustly allocating parts to the correct returns category as well as improving vehicle quality through lessons learned. See our products section for more information of our objective tooling.

Testing & Validation

Treharne Automotive Engineering have worked with a number of suppliers to test and validate both hardware and software in line with their own internal requirements or to customer specified requirements. This work can either be undertaken at Treharne Automotive Engineering's site, Supplier's site or at the customer's site.

EV System Development

Over the last several years TAE have supported OEMs with a range of development and validation activities as the industry expands its Electric Vehicle car park:


Charge system performance validation: working closely with vehicle OEMs to evaluate the on board charging system capability and performance in line with vehicle program attributes together with off board infrastructure communication, initialisation and operation.


High Voltage Field service tool conceptualisation, development and manufacture: based on the needs of OEMs we developed a battery test tool that can evaluate all attributes of a high voltage battery assembly. Please see the HVBT within our products section for more information about this tool.


Service diagnostics development: With mass production EV systems in their infancy, global technical knowledge surrounding these systems is still developing. Working closely with OEMs and retailers, our teams of engineers compile safe, robust and objective diagnostic processes for OEM service retailers to follow as EV systems are rolled out to the mass market.


Field issue investigation and Engineering Front Desk support: TAE provide teams of experienced EV engineers to work closely with service retailers to investigate new and complex vehicle failures in the field. Our engineers remotely guide on site retailer technicians and evaluate data collected to reach the root cause of issues. Where necessary our engineers travel to locations to investigate critical issues in person and close out cases by providing OEMs with detailed reports from which further service and system improvements can be made. All of the above activities have necessitated a deep dive into the construction and performance attributes of existing EV batteries and supporting systems. Combined with our own internal development of HV battery test tools, our work streams have resulted in a highly experienced team of engineers that can support all aspects of high voltage system development.

High Voltage Battery Tester (HVBT)

The High Voltage Battery Tester (HVBT) is a complete traction battery test and analysis solution allowing the complete diagnosis, repair, and confirmation of correct re-assembly in a fully automated and guided process. The HVBT can be used to check state of health (SOH), diagnose faulty battery packs and isolate faulty modules or bus bars. Crucially many of these features can be performed whilst the battery is still fitted to the vehicle. Cooling system and pack seal integrity can be tested using the integrated pressure tester, and analysis and diagnosis of heat management issues can be done using the thermal map view which shows graphically the distribution of heat in the pack. The HVBT emulates the host vehicles network allowing for complete control of the batteries functionality including contactor control, HVIL monitoring, isolation status, and DTC read. The unit is also capable of module balancing prior to reinstallation into the pack as well as vehicle charging and pack charging independently of the vehicle using its on-board charging systems. For safety the unit is also capable of performing a full isolation integrity test.
Battery field analyser (BFA)

Inline Diagnostic Unit 2 (IDU2)

The Inline Diagnostic Unit was initially developed to reduce the high occurrence of 'no fault found' (NFF) issues on replaced high value components such as turbo chargers and EGR valves. It has since been applied to many other applications across powertrain and body systems as well as data logger and bench testing roles. The IDU2, uniquely, allows for the unit to be connected into a vehicles circuit to interrogate both the component and wiring harness independently without intrusive pin point testing or unnecessary replacement of parts. Capable of controlling and monitoring the complex systems found within today's automotive software driven environment, the IDU2 has proven to reduce labour times and ensure right first time fixes when applied within a workshop environment.
Inline Diagnostic Unit (IDU)

Noise, Vibration & Harshness Sensor (NVH)

The Noise, Vibration and Harshness Sensor is a Bluetooth® enabled high bandwidth accelerometer capable of transmiting vibration (acceleration) data from a suspected faulty part to a separate computer for analysis. It has a steadily growing number of uses from diagnosing driveline gear and bearing noises, wheel imbalance and Front Engine Auxiliary Drive (FEAD) wear.
Noise, Vibration and Harshness Sensor (NVH)

DPF Monitor

The Diesel Particulate Filter Monitor is a device which provides a real time display (LCD) of Diesel Particulate Filter fill level and burn status to ensure a burn is achieved at the desired time. This allows car owners to plan for a duration of slow or stop start driving without risking performance issues caused by an overly full DPF.

Non Intrusive Current Shunt

Designed to further enhance the capabilities of the IDU/IDU2 the the non intrusive current shunt gives the IDU/IDU2 the ability to measure current passing through the fuse box, thereby indirectly providing a current trace for that system, all without the need to gain direct access to the part on test.

Module Balancer

Based on industry feedback The Module Balancer takes key functionality developed with the HVBT and condenses this into a specific mobile application for modulating the state of charge of battery modules. This device is crucial for enabling the servicing of High Voltage traction batteries where a module failure has occurred. Various power and HMI options are available, please contact TAE for further details.

Misfire Generator (MFG2)

The MFG is a compact misfire generator designed for use by manufacturers and government agencies to demonstrate misfire as part of in-use testing and misfire strategy development. Developed to meet the needs of the modern automotive engineering environment, the MFG2 builds on the success of the original MFG but with enhanced capability and flexibility.
Misfire Generator (MFG)

Breakout Devices

TAE design and manufacture a range of breakout boxes and harnessing for a variety of automotive applications. These products are typically bespoke and used for development and validation exercises. If you have a need for a breakout device please contact us with your requirements.


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